Investments between Emerging Markets

Investments between Emerging Markets


Traditionally, cross-border capital tended to flow from developed to developing countries, while today emerging economies are becoming both the source and destination of cross-border flows. The tri-party relationships between the recipient countries, traditional investors/donors and the new emerging market investors have become dynamic and sensitive.

YGL Response

This task force seeks to understand the key issues related to investments between emerging economies and promote sustainable capital flows from economic, financial, social and environment perspectives. The task force covers a wide range of activities carried out by YGL members, including promoting best practice on sustainability in specific investment transactions, organizing programmes and events to deepen understanding among the three parties and developing thought leadership analysis on this topic.

Key 2010 Accomplishments

First workshops held (during World Economic Forum on Africa and Annual Meeting of New Champions), third-party consultations held (e.g. Goldman Sachs meeting in China) and concept finalized.

Next Milestones

To define what success measure they should be aiming for. What strategic opportunities should they get attached to?


Kevin Lu, Martyn Davis, Hafsat Abiola, Karim Wade

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